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Love LED neon has been a novelty on the market for 3 years, but we have been dealing with LED technologies for over 10 years!

Love LED neon has been a novelty on the market for 3 years, but we have been dealing with LED technologies for over 10 years!

That's the reason why we make neons on a professional level that match the required design with absolute precision. We can also produce logos according to the strictest criteria for the commercial use of world brands.
We use our unique technology and that is the reason why our hand-made LED neons are without unsightly connections and other faults.
Decorate your business, home, or celebration with unique LED neon lights now.
Shining among others has never been easier!

Check our e-shop with the most popular designs, images, and signs, which can be further modified according to your wishes. Or create something unique for your home or business yourself, with our online editor.

Our designs and made-to-measure neon signs are made of high-quality Neon LED Flex. That makes them more energy and cost-saving than ordinary neons while providing truly incredible visual effects and higher luminosity.



Modern neon signs

Popular in the 20th century, neon light signs are making a serious comeback thanks to a new, safer, more energy-efficient, and affordable material - LED neon flex. While vintage neon signs used glass neon tubes, modern neon is allowing a new generation to enjoy a high-quality neon experience with a greater range of options while costing significantly less!

Thanks to the affordability, energy efficiency, durability, and safety of neon LED products, you can now buy neon LED signs and wall decor for a huge variety of uses. Add a stunning addition to your wedding party, create a neon word sign for bedroom or home decor, get a custom personalized name sign for the kid's room, add a unique touch with neon bar signs, or a neon sculpture, or get a customized neon sign for just about any purpose.

Original design & custom neon 

All of our signs, lights, lamps, and art are handcrafted from original designs. If you want a personalized neon sign, customized neon word sign, neon bar sign, neon sculpture, or something unique we can make it for you!

We have designed a wide range of customized neon light signs for wedding party decor, events, and birthdays. Need gift ideas? A customized neon sign is a standout present. Design your own personalized neon name signs for the home bar or garage. How about a wall art neon sign for the bedroom, living room, or man cave? Take your pick of our freestanding neon lamps.

Neon for business

Businesses are finding that modern neon flex products can be used for more than just neon open signs. Hipster neon word lights feature in co-workspaces; neon wall art adorns coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners; neon light-up signs appear in beauty salons and barber shops; neon quote signs are found in nightclubs and yoga studios.

Food trucks, pop-ups, boutiques, hair salons, and entrepreneurial businesses that cater to the Instagram generation use neon light-up signs to great effect. Want to get people talking about your business? Add a neon wall decoration as a backdrop for those all-important selfies! Savvy start-ups and in-the-know marketing agencies deploy on-trend neon art and quirky signs to generate free advertising via social media shares.

Fall in love with custom neon

Browse the store for our most popular neon art, aesthetic sculptures, table lamps, and word signs. Our neon name signs can be personalized for kids' rooms and weddings. Or go your own way and create something unique with a customized neon sign for your home or business. Just tell us your idea and we'll light it up!

Our customized signs are made from high-quality LED flex making them more cost-effective, durable, and safer than real glass neon signs while still providing an incredible visual impact.


Brands that chose our Custom Neon LED Signs

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