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About us... :-)

LOVE LED NEON - Art made with love 

We are neither a corporate, nor are we a giant firm. We are just a Mom, a Dad, one cute  little boss of us both - plus a few good souls, together with whom we have created LOVE LED NEON. For us, neons are not only a job, or just another thing to make ends meet. For us, neons are passion, neons are delight, neons are something that makes up an important part of our mornings, afternoons and evenings.

We are small, yet full of resolve. And so we have decided to create - in our workshop and showroom in Prague 6, where we will be happy to welcome you – a product, which is capable of transforming any bare white wall or room into a fascinating visual space, which will attract everyone‘s attention. We produce neons exclusively in the Czech Republic, using our own innovative methods no one else here currently uses. That results in producing precisely made LOVE LED Neons, which are the perfect reflection of the design you and we create together to every minute detail.


The strong point of LOVE LED NEON is our many years of experience in the field of LED technologies. Therefore, our components and final products are of the highest professional level, flawless design and are perfectly suitable for commercial, heavy-duty use.


We treat each of our customers as a dear friend for whom we want to create the most wonderful LOVE LED Neons. We want each of our clients to be not merely satisfied, but truly enthusiastic about the results of our work and our cooperation. We’ll be looking forward to hear from you soon!

With LOVE - Sabi, Edi, Ari and co.

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